K 7

The K 7

The Schleicher K 7 “rhoene eagle” is a double-seated, mixed-construction high wing glider for beginner’s training. The wingspan is 16 m. Even though the two successors ASK 13 and ASK 21 have been on the market for quite a while, the K 7 is still very popular in many flying clubs for training purposes and is often flown by fans of vintage gliders.

In our club, the K 7 is appreciated for it’s good tempered flying behaviour and it’s easy controllability during training. Due to the low wingload, it even soars at moderate thermal lifts and hence offers a good access to gliding. Many of our pilots had their first training and solo flights with the K 7.


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  1. Der Besuch am 05.01.2015(mo) 18:00 Uhr war ein tolles Erlebnis ;-).
    Ihr seid alle echt nette Leute und ich bedanke mich für die Einladung.
    Ich habe, nach diesem Besuch, den festen Entschluss gfasst dem FSV
    beizutreten und komme gern am 13.01 wieder zu eurer Werkstatt.


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