1st Chairman

Dr. Hermann Bolzhermann-001
Am Dicken Stein 57
67466 Lambrecht
Tel.: 06325/980224

Hermann has been a pilot since 1966 and flight instructor since 1991.



 2nd Chairman

Michael Bolz
Am Dicken Stein 57
67466 Lambrecht

Michael is the son of our first chairman, Hermann Bolz and is just about as enthusiastic about flying as him. He earned his license in 2005 and has been a flight instructor since 2015.


Dr. Dieter Zimmermann

Dieter is mathematician and thus predestined for the difficult job of treasurer. Furthermore, he has been a flight instructor since 1983. 


Adrian Gawliczek

Adrian is an allround pilot and likes to fly gliders as well as the motor glider. Currently, he is studying mechanical engineering at Technical University Kaiserslautern.



Committee members

Equality is very important for our club. Already 2/3 of our active female glider pilots are members of the board.

Julia Bolz 

Julia is the daughter of our first chairman and thus flying is in her DNA. Currently, she is studying biology at Technical University Kaiserslautern. Furthermore, she is our organization talent and will be glad to answer all your questions about flying and the club.

+49 151 40760984


 Jürgen Grünenwald

Jürgen has been flying since 1980 and has been a flight instructor since 1991. He is an electrical engineer working at Presstec. Besides, he is one of our funniest flight instructors.Jürgen fliegt seit 1980 und ist seit 1991 auch Fluglehrer.  Watch him towing one of our gliders with our VM. 

Wolfgang LanzerWolfgang

Wolfgang is an enthusiastic pilot and one of our towing pilots. We appreciate him for his honesty, straightforwardness and his commitment for the club.